Our Best Features Serve You

Social Media Presence Development

Online Reputation Development

Ensure your brand appears consistent and correct across the World Wide Web to make it easier for your clients to find you.

Moniroting and Sentiment Analysis

Real-time monitoring and
alerts using industry tools

Monitor your online presence 24/7 with real-time alerts for mentions and customer service purposes.

Cost Effective use of well crafted attention grabbing Ads

Crisis monitoring and

Spot potential online reputation issues for your brand before they get viral.

How we do it

We monitor our hotels’ online reputation by scouring the web daily for positive and negative reviews
and taking action on them. We deal with bad reviews by responding to them amicably,
investigating on the reviews’ credibility (whether or not they’re posted by actual guests,
an exaggeration, and what not), and, when proven credible, training the hotels’ staff
to acknowledge these reviews as points for improvement.

We offer you a ORM Consultation,
and it’s free, always!